Fabrice Beaux 1972 color TV

"Couple of month before I was born, a camera crew was filming my family. The film production was there when I entered this world and their cameras kept filming our happy family of five for another year. It was for the making of a scientific documentary, about the psychology of children when a new born arrives in the family. This 6 part TV documentary analyzes the first year of my life and the relationship with my brother and sister. It was one of the first TV program in color, aired in France, in 1973." - Fabrice Beaux 42 years later Fabrice Beaux keeps staying in front of a camera recording him while playing in his world! Thanks again Isabelle and Francois for this natural born Wave rider! Pura vida!Cast: RRD InternationalTags: Fabrice Beaux, RRD, wave riding, hardcore wave CONTEST, iWave 8'0 Classic, pura vida and Costa Rica

Airwaves Noumea PWA Dream Cup final highlights

Airwaves Noumea PWA Dream Cup final highlights
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European GromSearch Finals presented by Posca - Mundaka Spain

European GromSearch Finals presented by Posca - Mundaka, Spain
Congratulations to Len's Arancibia & Ariane Ochoa for winning the European GromSearch Finals presented by Posca !! They both won a flight ticket for the World GromSearch finals somewhere in... (it will be pumping anyway) It was a great event in Mundaka, one of the best wave in the world and all the kids were stocked to surf this famous left with no one out ! Thanks a lot to the local surfers, the Mundaka surf club and all the people involved. Big thanks to our sponsors: Rip Curl, Posca, Smith Optics, FCS & Gorilla Grip Full results Boys : 1. Len’s Arancibia 2. Will Bailey 3. Lander Davila 4. Jacome Correia Girls : 1. Ariane Ochoa 2. Teresa Bonvalot 3. Juliette Brice 4. Mariana Garcia Filmed and edited by Judith Emanuel Additional footage by Michel Andreou Photos by Damien Poullenot Music by www.gettyimages.com/Music • Bring It - Full by Brian Wayy • Smash and Grab by Ah2
From: Rip Curl
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Surfing is Everything California

Surfing is Everything: California
Nothing says surfing in California like the classic road trip. Join California coastal cruisers Noah Wegrich and Curren clan members Tom and Pat as they journey down the coast in search of waves basked in the sun light that is the Golden State's trademark. #SurfingIsEverything Film & Edit: Justin Jung Artist: Guillermo Sexo Track: Carried a Golden Heart
From: Rip Curl
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